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July 02, 2018
Ergon-backed Deutsche Intensivpflege Holding (DIH) Announces Brand Name Change to opseo

Brussels, 02 July 2018 – Ergon-backed Deutsche Intensivpflege Holding (DIH), one of the largest providers of outpatient and inpatient intensive care for adults and children in Germany, announced it will change its name to opseo, effective immediately. Founded in 2013, opseo today has a network of 20 outpatient care service providers, in which

~3,500 employees care for ~600 intensive care patients and further ~1,500 people in need of care.

“ops” is derived from Latin and stands for the power and ability to help. “seo” is an anagram of the Greek word “eos” and refers to “giving hope” and “confidence”. The new brand name has been chosen to “symbolize the great achievements over the past five years and the upcoming initiatives in the near future”, states Holger Eden, CEO of the opseo group. “opseo expresses the common understanding of our employees’ support and care services to our patients. At opseo, we strive to foster a holistic cooperation between all stakeholders, from doctors and nurses to hospitals and insurance providers, who are involved in our day-to-day work to ensure the best possible treatment and care for our patients and their relatives.”

Following a strong expansion phase in recent years, opseo expects revenues of ~160m in the current financial year. In the future, opseo’s nationwide intensive care providers will be organized into regional clusters, each entity carrying opseo in its name. According to Susanne Momberg, Chief Financial Officer, “the introduction of four regional clusters will enable the company to significantly increase the quality of care for our patients, improve knowledge and best practise transfers between the care providers, realise synergies and ultimately help opseo to become the market and quality leader in the German intensive care sector.”

With the recent acquisition of Remeo Germany, opseo will tap into an adjacent field of intensive care: the weaning of patients from mechanical ventilation as part of the follow- up care of patients. In order to help patients to live a life without artificial ventilation, opseo is actively pursing various initiatives, including collaborations with ventilation centres and inclusion of telemedicine projects.

Today, opseo is one of the leading providers in paediatric intensive care in Germany, providing outpatient, inpatient and other care services to children and adolescents. “Bärenstark” offers the first holistic paediatric intensive care in Germany. Holger Eden explains: “With our Germany-wide unique “Bärenstark” concept, we provide professional care and educational support to sick children and their parents. The participation in the daily life – e.g., through regular excursions as well as visits of nurseries or schools – is at the forefront of the high-quality care offered by opseo.” In March, the third Bärenstark facility was launched in Dresden. opseo aims to roll-out the concept in five additional locations in the near-term.

Furthermore, opseo focuses on the qualification of its employees. Susanne Momberg adds: “We strive to set the quality standards in the care industry. For this purpose, we have implemented a “Quality and Training” department in our organization, supported by the Essen-based nursing academy BaWiG GmbH – one of the leading nursing schools in Germany. By offering the highest quality care in the industry, coupled with an attractive work environment and possibilities for continuous education, e.g., by offering

e-learnings specifically designed for care personnel, opseo aims to further attract care personnel in a market where highly trained nurses are of high demand.”

Holger Eden adds: “With these initiatives, the whole opseo team wants to send a positive signal to our partners, health insurance companies and hospitals. By setting explicit and auditable quality standards in conjunction with clear responsibilities, opseo aims to create an environment of direct and constructive cooperation.”


For more information, please contact:


John Mansvelt

Tel : +32 (2) 213 60 90

opseo group

Michael Malig

Tel : +49 (201) 580 938 65

About opseo

opseo is a German ambulant care provider combining 20 operating entities and providing intensive care services to over 600 patients across Germany both on an individual basis and in care groups. The Company was created in 2013 through a combination of several operating entities. It has grown through organic development and the acquisition of 12 operating entities. Around 60% of the patients are treated in designated care group facilities and around 40% are receiving individual one-to-one care treatment (in many cases up to 24 hours per day). For more information on opseo visit www.opseo-intensivpflege.de

About Ergon Capital Partners

Ergon is a mid-market private equity investment company with ~1.0 billion under management backed by family-controlled Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, through its fully owned subsidiary Sienna Capital, as cornerstone investor, and selected European institutional investors. Ergon is a disciplined and discreet value investor, which provides “patient and friendly capital” to entrepreneurs and managers, who need capital and industrial solutions to accelerate the development of their companies. Ergon makes equity investments in leading companies with a sustainable competitive position in attractive niche markets located in the Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Ergon is advised by Ergon Capital Advisors which has offices in Brussels, Paris, Munich, Milan and Madrid. Since its inception in 2005, over successive investment programs, Ergon raised approximately 1.4 billion, invested in 19 companies (of which 5 in the Benelux, 2 in France, 3 in Germany, 7 in Italy and 2 in Spain) and has completed 36 add-on acquisitions for a total aggregate transaction value in excess of 3.0 billion. Ergon’s current portfolio consists of companies in various sectors encompassing luxury, industrial manufacturing and services, healthcare, media, leisure and gastronomy. For more information on Ergon Capital Partners visit www.ergoncapital.com

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